if you attend a call, we will extend the 15% early registration discount

Wednesday, 1-2pm Central US
for additional time zones: WORLD CLOCK

Hosted by Craig Neal, originator of The Art of Convening
-or- Patricia Neal, co-author, The Art of Convening

These calls are an introduction to The Art of Convening  (Aoc) Trainings. All participants of a Taste of Convening call receive a 10% discount off any AoC Training.

If one of the above dates does not work for you:
Email or call our office @ 612-920-3039 to schedule a time with Craig Neal

Upon completion of your registration and prior to the call, you will receive an email with the call-in phone# and protocols. Each caller is responsible for long distance or cell phone charges.



You are a powerful person up to big things and The Art of Convening is powerful work. Therefore, you are the kind of person we want to participate in our Trainings. As a body of transformational wisdom, The Art of Convening can support you in creating extraordinary breakthroughs in you life and work.

The Art of Convening Trainings create a safe & generative space for profound connections between participants, and provide them with the tools to recreate that space in every engagement of their lives.

More than a meeting modality, a convened meeting or gathering enhances and maximizes business and organizational performance by strengthening relationships, buy-in, accountability and commitment to help people excel and be successful in their work.


Each 1-hour informational Maestro conference call is a blend of interaction and engagement exploring the "technology of relationships".

Join with professionals who, like yourself, are vitally involved in transforming the nature of their virtual and in-person meetings via heartfelt communications and new convening techniques. 

Following introductions, Craig or Patricia will review the context, design and curriculum of the AoC Trainings and answer any questions you may have about AoC programs.

Each participant will have an opportunity to share about their work in the world and interest for being on the call.

Patricia or Craig will cover who should participate and a demo of the Online Training platform.

You will learn the exciting new developments and opportunities in The Art of Convening Trainings and Graduate Community.



“Participating in the Art of Convening teleseminar has been an enlightening experience, an opportunity to learn and practice to nuances and subtleties of convening deep, meaningful and intimate conversations. I have convened gatherings for many years, ranging from large public events to small private circles, and still learning much from this unique experience. Highly recommend them!” ~ John Renesch, Author, futurist, Founder of FutureShapers, LLC; former Managing Director, World Business Academy; Author, The Great Growing Up, Winner 2013 Indie Books Award for Non-Fiction 

The AoC certification provided the depth, space and support I needed to own the role of convener and feel comfortable saying 'Game On!' to opportunities I would have run from in the past. It is my go to source for leading groups successfully. Even skeptical clients ,who have seen and done it all before, have been impressed with my ability to create a space where people are real and problems that have been blocking success for years are finally removed. Brent Schmidt, President, Strategic Fuel

The big gift of the AoC for me was a well of strength to just keep doing what I know I'm supposed to be doing and trust trust trust!!!... and for helping me get my convening muscle stronger giving me the fortitude to take some risks with big payoff! ~ Mary Berry, Wells Fargo Audit and Security and Corporate Communications, Human Resources

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