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You're up to big things. You are just the kind of person we want to work with. Join with professionals who, like yourself, who are vitally involved in transforming the nature of their virtual and in-person meetings via heartfelt communications and new convening techniques. 

Recall a recent meeting, gathering or conversation. Was it enlivened? Did you hear all the voices to gather the most wisdom in the room? Was there coherence? Was there an alignment for committed action?

Consider that a convened meeting or gathering enhances and maximizes business and organizational performance by strengthening relationships, buy-in, accountability and commitment.

The Art of Convening Training gave me the tools to find my center, my intent, and my influence for any conversation I need to have in my work and life.  I now have the confidence to design meetings and conversations that are important to my career and life.Jake Voit, Project Manager, Sustainability, Artkea Co, LLC

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Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that went on for hours and achieved nothing? 

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March 2013, CRISI E SVILUPPO MANAGERITALIA: The Art of Convening, or the art of managing meetings

Since Heartland's founding in 1995 convening principles have informed our conferences, trainings, and programs.  In 2004 the first Art of Convening programs established convening as a core leadership capacity and leadership field.

In this warp-speed transitional time, the quality of our communications is crucial to the success of our everyday lives, work and organizations. The way we interact with one another, minute-by-minute, day-by-day, sets the tone for not only our own well-being, but that of our organizations and communities. 

The Art of Convening, or "technology of relationships," delivers a practical and essential methodology for transformational engagementsHow we gather, communicate and deliver the desired outcomes through our meetings is critical to the long-term vitality and success of our organizations and communities and the people within.

The Convening Wheel, (pictured left) a unique transformational tool, illustrates the 9 Aspects of convening, and is the heart of The Art of Convening book and all Trainings.

More than a meeting modalitya convened meeting or gathering enhances and maximizes business and organizational performance by strengthening relationships, buy-in, accountability and commitment to help people excel and be successful in their work.

How is convening different from facilitation?  Convening is the art and science of gathering and holding people for the sake of the best possible outcome. Definition

Thanks so much for your positive and tangible contribution to the School of Nursing retreat yesterday. The Art of Convening principles worked! I am hearing positive feed-back: one staff member indicated that she was "very moved" by the conversations and flow of the day, especially when looking around the room at many faces of faculty and staff. 
 - Christi Powers, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

How do the Trainings work?  Each Art of Convening™ Training delivers a practical map that anyone can navigate and activate. We travel the inner and outer path of the reflective leader, from getting to “The Heart of the Matter” to a “Commitment to Action” and all the territory in-between. 

Class sizes are small to allow for interaction and personal feedback. Registration closes once a group is filled.  

Are the Trainings directly applicable? These immensely practical Trainings elicit the best and brightest capacities inherent in each participant, leading to transformed engagements and meetings that deliver responsibility, accountability and commitment. 

Each Training incorporates a "Case Study" as a tool and metric with which you are able to design a specific convening opportunity in your life and/or work. 

Who are the Trainings for? 
  • Would you like to change or deepen your communication in your personal or professional relationships? 
  • Do you host, lead or facilitate groups, gatherings, or meetings? 
  • Are you called to be a catalyst for change and transformation in your organization, community or family?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, an Art of Convening™ Training may be the learning
experience you are looking for.

Are you an Art of Convening Graduate?
The AoC Graduate Community is for you.

Organizations with Art of Convening Training Graduates:

Altera Corporation · American Sustainable Business Council · The Boeing Company · California Dept. of Social Services · Cargill, Inc. · Center for Integrative Leadership · Chevron- Project Resources Company · Cisco Systems, Inc. · Conflict Transformation Program · Environmental Initiative · Fielding
Fielding Graduate University · Great Falls Citizens Association · Green Mountain Coffee Roasters · Haleakala Waldorf School · HealthEast Care System · Highland Hall Waldorf School · Honeywell International · John F. Kennedy University · Johnson & Johnson LifeScan · Lee Hecht Harrison · Medtronic, Inc. · Microsoft · Midwest Energy Association · Minneapolis Community & Technical College · Minnesota Pollution Control Agency · National Brain Aneurysm Center · The Nature Conservancy · Northwest Cooperative Development Center · Park Nicollet Health Services · Presbyterian Church · · Small Planet Foods/General Mills · Spire Federal Credit Union · St. Catherine University · Thrivent Financial for Lutherans · Today’s Health & Wellness Magazine · Unitarian Universalist Church · University of Iowa · University of Minnesota · University of San Francisco · University of Texas, Anderson Cancer Center · US Department of Labor · W.L. Gore & Associates · Walden University · Wells Fargo & Company · Western University of Health Sciences · Xcel Energy
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Art of Convening Training graduates come from every corner of the world



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