Bill Veltrop

Friday, March 13

Allied Arts Guild
75 Arbor Road
at Cambridge Avenue
Menlo Park, CA

8:00am to 12:30pm

Visitor: $200
Non-Profit*: $150
TLG Member: $0

Includes breakfast and session materials


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Bill Veltrop

Creating a New Story Together:
Leading by Taking Commitment, Connectivity
and Community to a New Level

Commitment — Connectivity — Community

with Bill Veltrop* & a Community of Colleagues
*former Exxon executive and founder of the International Center for Organization Design
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Movie!: images to spark your imagination about the TLG

Imagination is the fuel of great leadership. The 3 C's of Leadership - Connection, Community and Commitment - are the structure for bringing to fruition the imagining for ourselves and our organizations. Connection focuses on vitality: what is vital and alive? Community nurtures and grows what is vital. Original and onging Commitment sustains the process to culmination.

The next 3-4 years are crucial to the future of the systems and organizations that sustain us. Will we collectively step up to the leadership challenge in a way that will produce the breakthroughs our world needs? 

Our economy is contracting. Many people are waiting, pulling back from engaging fully. How can we tap into and unleash the importance of commitment as an essential part of our role as leaders with the courage to change the nature of things vs. making things a little better? What are we deeply committed to that takes us beyond today's framework or constraints?  

Many in the TLG community have experienced, and will speak, to the power of making audacious commitments to make a lasting difference. We will explore the process of creating, executing, and living commitment.

  • Commitment: finding the self

Consider commitment this way: it creates the opportunity for attention, energy and focus on what you care about most. We'll use the TLG session to explore what is true for each of us, individually, as a way to explore commitment.

  • Connectivity: finding each other

Within the TLGs, the power of commitment creates a continuum of experience that builds from session to session.

  • Community: go beyond connectivity, to consciously journeying together

Being in support of other is a privilege. How, over time, can we support one another to our best expression in the world?

Where to begin? Let's play together: Bring an object that represents what you are committed to. Something that answers. "Where is my stake in the ground?" 

We'll explore together to create some fascinating learnings that will inform how you move forward in your life and work.

This 3 minute movie tells you more about the day...


 Schedule for the session:
7:45-8:15 am: Check-in and breakfast
8:15 am-12:30 pm: Thought Leader Session
12:45 pm: Lunch (optional, dutch treat)


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